Automatic Provisioning

Handsets you purchase from SureVoIP are automatically provisioned for use with the SureVoIP Single User or Hosted VoIP service.

We provision the following brands:

  • Cisco SPA series
  • Cisco 7800 and 8800 series
  • Gigaset 1)
  • Polycom
  • Snom
  • Yealink
  • Bria Stretto softphone for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS
  • other brands might be available - contact Sales to inquire

All you need to do is plug the handsets into a network access point that has internet access available (such as your broadband router) and they will automatically set themselves up.

Details on Provisioning

The settings we send to your handsets, by default, are:

  • Extension credentials
  • Suitable tested firmware version
  • Time server
  • Suitable NAT settings
  • Secure access password (contact contact Support if you need this)
  • Codec preferences

We can also set up the following on request:

  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF), also known as extension monitoring or presence
  • Speed dial keys
  • Additional extensions (SIP accounts) on handset, where supported
  • Distinctive ringtone (Fully Managed Hosted VoIP only)
  • Display name on handset
  • Timezone preferences (for handsets based outside the UK)

Provisioning Security

We take security very seriously. Once your handset has contacted the provisioning server and obtained the credentials, the provisioning server will remove the extension username and password after two weeks.

This is to prevent hackers who try and spoof your handset from obtaining your VoIP credentials and make unauthorised phone calls.

The provisioning server also supports client certificates.

If your handset needs to obtain these settings again, for whatever reason, please contact the support team.

Cisco SPA Adoption Setup

Factory reset phone

  • Press button that looks like a piece of paper
  • Scroll down to Factory Reset
  • Press OK and the phone will factory reset and reboot

Obtain IP Address

  • Press button that looks like a piece of paper
  • Scroll down to Network
  • Press select and the IP address will be displayed

Enter Provisioning Link

  • Once the page has loaded Press Admin login then advanced
  • Go to the provisioning tab and go to Profile Rule and paste in the Provisioning Link (this in your Welcome email)
  • Once pasted in click Submit All Changes
  • Once the phone has updated reboot it

Gigaset DX800a and Gigaset Maxwell 10 models can not be automatically provisioned
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