SureVoIP Support Guides

Contacting SureVoIP

If you need to contact us then please call 0330 445 0000 or email

Getting Started with SureVoIP

Getting Started with ResiSwitch - An introduction to our residential platform

Getting Started with SureVoIP - How to get connected to SureVoIP

Getting Started with SureVoIP Instant Messaging - Connect to SureVoIP Instant Messaging XMPP/Jabber servers

Yealink Handsets Advanced Tasks

Hosted VoIP Reference Guide

How to set up voicemail

Phone Numbers - How to set destination for your phone numbers.

Contacts Directory - How to connect to the SureVoIP LDAP Contacts Directory servers to access your address book for your Global and private contacts and search them from your deskphone, softphone or email client.

Number Porting

Automatic Provisioning - Cisco, Gigaset, Polycom, Snom and Yealink handsets purchased from SureVoIP are automatically provisioned so all you need to do is plug them in.

Password Security Best Practices

SureVoIP Troubleshooting Guidance

NAT and Firewall Settings for VoIP

Linux and Windows Command Line Tools for Troubleshooting

Yealink Call Trace Guide

Handset Troubleshooting Guide

SIP Traces - How to obtain SIP traces for troubleshooting PBX phone systems.

/*Broadband Routers - List of routers known to work or cause issues.*/

SIP ALG - If you are using the SureVoIP Single User or Hosted VoIP service you will most likely need to disable SIP ALG.

Handset Features

Handset Features - Guides on how to perform basic tasks on your handset, such as switching call waiting off and changing your ring tone.

Advanced Handset Guides - Guides on more advanced tasks, such as obtaining log or trace information.


API documentation - Full API documentation on all available features.

SureVoIP Add Ons

SureVoIP Store

SureVoIP Partners

Troubleshooting guides for SureVoIP Partners and Resellers

SureVoIP Partner Provisioning - how to raise provisioning and porting requests for your new customer

Partner Troubleshooting - guidance on troubleshooting VoIP

SureVoIP Business Broadband

Broadband Setup Information - for SureVoIP Business Broadband and SureVoIP Business FTTC

Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

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