Hosted VoIP Reference Guide

The following guides explain how to manage and operate certain features of the SureVoIP Hosted VoIP product.

Note: Please be aware that these instructions are generic, and your particular phone maybe slightly different than is described below. Please see your phone manual for more information.

An attended transfer is when you consult with the person you are transferring the call to before completing the transfer. This allows you to inform the person of who the caller is, and determine if they can take the call.

To transfer a call that is currently active, press the transfer button on your phone, then dial the extension you are transferring to. The target extension will ring. Once the target extension picks up, you can consult whether the target extension wishes to take the caller.

To complete the transfer, press transfer again.

If the person at the target extension does not with to take the call, press the cancel button. The original caller may still be on hold, to retrieve the call, press resume (Some phones may need you to press the Line 1 button).

On phones that do not have a transfer button simply dial *1 instead.

Some phones may say Xfer or TRAN instead of Transfer or have an icon showing a phone with the receiver lifted and an arrow pointing away. Refer to your phone manual if you are unsure.

For more specific instructions for your handset, please see How to Transfer a Phone Call.

A blind transfer is when you transfer a call to a target extension without first consulting the person you are transferring to.

To do this, follow the instructions for Attended Transfer, but complete the transfer by pressing the transfer button again before the phone rings, or before the target extension picks up.

ie Press transfer, dial the target extension number, then immediately transfer again.

If you are on a call when someone else tries to call you1), or you do not answer your phone within a set time, the new caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail.

If your voicemail is set up with your email address, the message will be emailed to you. You can also use your phone and access your voicemail and also set a greeting.

Voicemail can be accessed by dialling *97. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number, followed by #.

To access the voicemail of another extension, and you know the PIN number, dial *97. You will be prompted to enter the extension number, followed by #. Then you will be prompted for that extension's PIN number, followed by #.

Once you are logged in, you can listen to new messages by dialling 1.

Previously saved messages can be listened to by by dialling 2 on the voicemail main menu.

You can save up to 9 different greetings, and choose which to have active. For example, you can save one for when you are on holiday, out on meetings, or for when you are in the office and can't answer.

  1. Log in to your voicemail as described above. Press 5 for advanced options.
  2. Press 1 to record a new greeting.
  3. You will be asked to choose a greeting between 1 and 9. If you have never recorded a greeting before, then press 1.
  4. After the tone, record your greeting by speaking into the phone. Once you have finished, press any number key on your phone.
  5. Press 1 after recording to listen to your recording. Press 2 if you are happy to save the recording. Press 3 to re-record.
  6. Once you are back at the advanced options menu, press 2 to choose greeting.
  7. You will be asked to choose your greeting, between 1 and 9. Press 1 if you saved your recording to 1.

Your voicemail greeting is now set.

You can change your greeting at any time by following the instructions above, and choosing a different greeting number.

Sometimes you wish to have calls to your extension forwarded to another telephone number. This can be achieved from the handset itself or from the Hosted VoIP portal (recommended).

To set up call forwarding on your handset please see Call Forwarding.

To set up call forwarding from the Hosted VoIP Portal:

  1. Log into your Hosted VoIP account (link is similar to - please refer to your Welcome Pack)
  2. Click on System
  3. Find the relevant extension and click Call Forward
  4. Under Call Forward enter the destination number without any spaces.
  5. Set Call Forward to Enable
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page

To switch off call forwarding, simply set Call Forward to Disabled.

Follow Me is a feature similar to Call Forwarding but allows for multiple destinations to be set.

To set up Follow Me on the Hosted VoIP Portal:

  1. Log into your Hosted VoIP account (link is similar to - please refer to your Welcome Pack)
  2. Click on System
  3. Find the relevant extension and click Follow Me
  4. Set Follow Me to Enable
  5. Under Ring 1st Number enter the first number to try. If this should be the handset itself you need to enter the extension number.
  6. Enter the destination numbers, where required, for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th number.
  7. Set Delay as required for each number entry. This is how long to wait before trying that destination.
  8. Set Timeout as required for each number entry. This is how long that particular destination will be attempted.
  9. Set Caller ID Name as required. This is a prefix so other extensions can identify this was a call originally intended for you.
  10. Set Call Prompt as required. This is used when the call is presented to a mobile phone and ensures your mobile phone voicemail does not “consume” the call as this would be considered as being successfully answered otherwise.
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm and activate

To switch off follow me, simply set Follow Me to Disabled.

Access Your Voicemail Dial *97
Other Voicemail Dial *98 then the extension number of which you would like to retrieve voicemails
External Voicemail Access Dial your direct dial-in number. When call goes to Voicemail, press * and follow the instructions to retrieve your voicemail.
Direct to Voicemail Dial *99extension to leave a voicemail
Call Pickup Dial **extension to pickup another ringing extension
Global Pickup Dial *886 to pickup whichever extension is ringing
Group Pickup Dial *8 to pickup and extension in your group
Transfer a Call Dial *1 then destination, hangup to complete. Use this for phones without a Transfer button
Call Park Transfer to *6000 you will hear the parked extension number. Complete the transfer
Unpark Call Dial the number provided when parked. It will be *6001 to *6099
IntercomDial *8extension to use phone intercom feature (target phones speakerphone)
Last Call ReturnDial *69 to dial the last number to call you
Outside Line Optionally prefix destination number with 9
Delay Echo Dial *9195 Will echo after 5 seconds
Echo Test Dial *9196 Useful to determine audio latency
Milliwatt ToneDial *9197 to test tone
Tone Test Dial *9198 for the test tone (Tetris theme)
Test MoH Dial *9664 to test music on hold

There are many other feature codes that may have been enabled on your account as part of the fully managed cloud VoIP service, so please contact us for a full list.

Only if you have call waiting disabled on your line. If you have call waiting enabled, you will hear a beeping to indicate there is another call for you.
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