LDAP Contacts Directory Reference Guide

The following guides explain how to connect to the SureVoIP LDAP Directory from various types of software.

Note: Please be aware that these instructions are generic, and your particular phone/software maybe slightly different than is described below. Please see your software manual for more information.

The following information will be needed for any software to connect to your Contacts.

Version 3

As a minimum your LDAP Filter should be the following for numbers:


and the following for names:


we will add further screenshots for major software clients soon.

If for some reason you have not bought your Yealink phones from us, you can reference the following configuration for manual setup. If you have bought your phones from us, we will provision these settings for you automatically:

Yealink T29G LDAP Configuration screenshot

LDAP Name Filter:   (|(cn=%)(sn=%))
LDAP Number Filter:  (|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%)(homePhone=%))
Server Address:  ldap.surevoip.co.uk
Port:  389
Base:  dc=surevoip,dc=co,dc=uk
UserName:  uid=username,ou=Users,dc=surevoip,dc=co,dc=uk
Password:  password
Max. Hits(1~32000):  50
LDAP Name Attributes:  cn sn
LDAP Number Attributes:  telephoneNumber mobile homePhone
LDAP Display Name:  %cn
Protocol: Version 3
LDAP Lookup For Incoming Call: Enabled
LDAP Lookup For Callout: Enabled
LDAP Sorting Results: Enabled
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