SureVoIP Instant Messaging

Please see our SureVoIP Instant Messaging page for an overview of the service.

The following sections contain various set up tutorials for getting connected to SureVoIP IM.

Lots! SureVoIP supports any client that supports XMPP (also known as Jabber) with TLS (for encrypted and secure chat). This includes Pidgin, Adium, OneTeam, Messages (used to be iChat), Jitsi, and others.

If you need a web-based client, we recommend

Start your instant message program and locate the menu where you can add a new account (usually in preferences or settings).

Create a new account by entering the following info:

Protocol: XMPP or Jabber
Username: as given to you by SureVoIP
Jabber ID:
Password: <your SureVoIP Portal password>

Enter the following server info, as requested:

Port: 5222
Use SSL/TLS: yes
Allow plaintext authentication: no

These will work on any client and you usually don't need to add on the Server part as your client software will work it out.

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