How to Change the Destination for SureVoIP Numbers

This guide explains how to change your number destinations.

Your numbers can either be:

  • Delivered to a fixed IP address as SIP
  • Forwarded to another phone number (VoIP, landline or mobile)

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into your SureVoIP Portal.
  2. Click on the Numbers menu option.
  3. Find your phone number you wish to edit. If a UK number, the preceding 0 will be replaced with 44. 1)
  4. Click the edit icon:
  5. If your destination is a SIP destination:
    1. Select the SIP tab.
    2. Set the phone number in the phone Number field:
    3. Set the server address in the Server field:
      • Address can either be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), or an IP address.
      • Port is optional, and will default to 5060 if not set.
    4. Click Save.
  6. If your destination is a phone number:
    1. Select the Call Forward tab.
    2. Enter the destination number in the Number field:
    3. Click Save.
  7. If your number is connected to our Hosted platform, you will receive a message that the number cannot be managed on the SureVoIP Portal, and will need to adjust Call Forwarding settings on your Hosted Portal (see your Welcome Pack for details):

Important Information

  • Your numbers will be listed in an international format, with a 44 in place of the preceding 0. For example, 01220 123456 will be listed as 441220123456.
  • Each number can support up to 5 destinations, which increases resilience should something happen to your PBX or internet connection. For setting up additional destinations, please contact Each next destination will be attempted if the preceding one times out. (Busy, Unavailable etc will not count).

44 is the international prefix code for UK telephone numbers - numbers formatted this way are referred to as E.164
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