SureVoIP Business Broadband Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On SureVoIP Business Standard and SureVoIP Business Basic the maximum speed is 17 Mbps download and 1.3 Mbps upload.

With SureVoIP Business Premier a small amount of download is sacrificed but allows for up to 2.5 Mbps upload (Annex M).

With SureVoIP FTTC the maximum download speed is 76 Mbps and the upload maximum is 19 Mbps.

Yes, you get 1 static IPv4 address as standard.

This is something we will offer very soon.

We do not offer mailboxes or web space or domain names.

Yes, our broadband services connect directly into our core network.

This means phone calls you make through SureVoIP effectively bypass the internet completely when using broadband from SureVoIP. You can expect the best possible voice quality.

We offer both 12 month and 1 month contracts.

The 1 month incurs a set up charge.

Our broadband services are all business grade and come with prioritised traffic and bandwidth assurances in addition to enhanced care levels.

  • SureVoIP Business ADSL comes with 500 Kbps assurance and standard care (repair in 24 hours)
    Suitable for 3-5 simultaneous calls (subject to speed and line conditions)
  • SureVoIP Business FTTC comes with business traffic prioritisation and enhanced care (repair in 24 hours)
    Suitable for up to 50 simultaneous calls (subject to speed and line conditions)

Yes, of course. We do not restrict which router or modem you use.

Depending on what router you use, we may only offer limited support, so it is your responsibility to set it up. See Broadband Setup for guidance.

Please note that for SureVoIP Business FTTC you will need to use a modem that has been authorised by Openreach.

Routers that have passed Openreach Modem Conformance Testing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • DrayTek Vigor 130 Modem
  • DrayTek Vigor 2760 Router
  • DrayTek Vigor 2860 Router
  • FRITZ!Box 3490 Router
  • Technicolor TG588v v2 Router
  • Technicolor TG589vac Router

Yes, our SureVoIP Business Premier service uses ADSL2+ Annex M technology.

Yes. Simply send an email to Support to have your rDNS set.

Please note you must have a corresponding A record for us to set the rDNS.

Yes, we can offer Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), dedicated fibre Ethernet access and Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC).

These services offer an Service Level Agreement (SLA), the bandwidth you pay for is 100% yours and guaranteed at all times, and come with packet loss and latency assurances.

Please contact Sales Team for more information.

Yes, we offer PSTN with Care Level 2 as standard (Fault cleared by close of next working day, Monday-Saturday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays)

Yes, we can offer Care Level 3 and Care Level 4

  • Care Level 3 includes fault clear by 23:59 same day if fault reported by 12:59, or by 12:59 next day if fault reported after 13:00. Monday-Sunday including Public and Bank Holidays.
  • Care Level 4 includes 6 hour round-the-clock fix, 365 days a year

Give us a call on 0330 445 0000 (or +44 1224 900123) or click on Click for Live Help at the bottom-right of this page, or drop a note to our Sales Team. Someone will get back to you very soon.

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