SureVoIP Partner Provisioning

Fill out customer provision form and email to

All details must be provided as we require address details for 999 access. We do not use this information to contact your customer.

If you would like to discuss options for your customer then please email, call 0330 445 1000 option 1, or go to and click on Live Help.

You can download the form here: SureVoIP Partner Provision Form

Please note that as of 7th September 2020 the process for both geographic (01 and 02) numbers and non-geographic (03, 08 and 09) numbers is now the same.

Fill out the SureVoIP Partner Porting Form and email it to along with the customer-signed letter of authority.

If you need to contact the porting team please email or call 0330 445 1000 option 2.


Faults and Repair

We require the SureVoIP Partner to take ownership of all faults with the customer and run through initial troubleshooting (reboot handset/router, check logs of on-site phone system etc, check cabling, power and ensure end user is trained to use equipment/services).

Where you require SureVoIP to assist please fill out fault report at

For urgent fault assistance, if possible, raise a fault as above or email with description of fault and at least one call example. When you receive your ticket reference (within 5 minutes) please call 0330 445 1000 option 2 and advise us of the ticket reference.

Guidance on troubleshooting for Partners can be viewed at SureVoIP Partner Troubleshooting

:!: Where call examples are not provided we will hand the fault back to you to obtain this information. We can not begin any investigation until this has been provided.

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